No matter what, no matter what they stand for, his family will always be numero uno.

No matter what my family is going through, it will be forgotten. Me too for that matter.

He always has to make proclamations about himself but no one else. Everyone has to know about him.

He can forget their beliefs, that they clash in major ways with our beliefs but then I guess those aren’t really his beliefs.

But it’s another day and another day that I heard the garage door close… and I have peace for a few hours.


I’d like to smack the snot out my dear narcissist. I could end the post right there.

I hate the condescending attitude. That attitude alone makes me not want to follow through on his suggestion even if it is a good suggestion.

The serve me ‘air’ is old. The “everyone should clean up after me” is wrong and a horrible example for our boys. The latter is part narcissist and part example he was raised with.

His dad has passed away a number of years ago but he always talks about his dad as being heavy handed and demanding respect. I’ve met his dad, a time or two (sarcasm, I knew him quite well) and he was neither of those things. Super cheap and you couldn’t pull a nickel out of his hand but not heavy handed. His newspaper was more important than being present for his family.

Anyway, they say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but even when their house collapses, narcissist can’t see it or it’s NEVER their fault.

I’m not going to collapse his house… no matter how tempting, lol. Just kidding!

So I keep praying and I keep waiting.

Thank you for listening.

Oh to not be pond scum… I dream.

It doesn’t matter what his family does to me or says, my feelings aren’t important. How I’m treated by his family is okay because it’s his family. Now we have to change the way we pray because this unbelieving family prays differently. It’s not like we just got married.

First it was his dad. But since he’s passed away now his sister and mother have become saints. I often wonder who will replace them when they are gone. I’m sure it won’t be me or our children. Maybe it will be his heathen wayward daughter. If that happens, it just might tip the scale.

They do no wrong. He says he doesn’t agree with them morally but apparently he does because he won’t even acknowledge our differences. Shame too. You can love someone and not be in agreement with them. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you ignore the problems.

But if you’re in his family – you walk on water.