I’m raising my kids alone… but I’m married.

It’s the same cry – nothing I do is good enough. I’m always wrong. Picked on for my weight after throwing chocolate at me. When I’ve said repeatedly don’t bring it home. Stress/depressed eating is a real thing. At least my son wants to workout with me.

My kids look to me for leadership, not their father. They should be looking to us both.

The kids and I do a Bible study together. Never with my husband because not only will it turn into an argument, it will turn into him telling us how wrong we all are. I love studying with my kids because they are really opening up. It’s a sweet sweet time! I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

If I bring up a news article I like, he’ll be contrary. No matter topic of the article.

He judged a recent political situation – for all the wrong reasons. It didn’t matter that the people’s lives were in danger but he said he hoped these people learned their lesson. Not because they stood up for what was right but because of their chosen profession, he hoped they learned a little something about the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution.

Sometimes you can ignore the narcissist. Sometimes he leaves you in tears.

Sometimes you think you’ll never be good enough… for anyone.

Better now…

But a few minutes ago I was ready to kill my entitled self-made king of a narcissist.

Do you know what my favorite part of the day is? NOW! It’s the afterglow of him leaving for work and knowing he’s gone because I heard the garage door go down.

Never EVER does he put what’s best for the kids before his lazy, I only care about me, ass. If he’s happy, who cares what the kids need.

Back to life… with just me and kids… until dinner. And I will enjoy every moment.

Dixie Chicks New Song

I haven’t had much to post lately in regards to narcissism. So, that in of itself is a good thing. However, I’ve been buried under (extended) family drama that wasn’t my own. It’s been so stressful I haven’t had much time for much. Thankfully, I have a reprieve for a bit. I’m praying permanently.

On the way to taking my kids to school this morning, I heard the Dixie Chicks new song, Gaslighter.

I have to admit I was surprised to hear a song on this topic. I’ve experienced it, more than once and not just from my dear narcy.

I’m not real crazy about the actual video. I get what they are saying, totally, but I think the lyrics video is a better choice.