So low, I could play tennis against a curb.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. But I’ve been busy and away from home.

I have some strong beliefs about the whole COVID-19 and masks. When I share them with my husband, I learn how stupid I am. Even though I back my findings up with solid evidence, I’m still stupid.

I’m not saying we can’t disagree. But do it respectfully. Everyone deserves respect.

When our son recently got in trouble, Mr. Legalism thought it best to beat (metaphorically) Scripture into him. Because me teaching him by example from the Bible, positively, wasn’t good enough. He won’t take the time to feed into our children’s lives, that’s everyone else’s job. And he’s happy to let them know that they don’t live up to his standards.

I was blaming the weather for my migraine today. I think that blame is misplaced…

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